About LedgerWorkx

The LedgerWorkx Cycle

LedgerWorkx is a team of accountants who handle your operational needs in accounting, bookkeeping, inventory, social media, email management, virtual staff, and more so you can focus on what matters, making your business succeed.
Accounting Services Cycle


We’ll help you identify which parts of your business are the most time-consuming and suggest how to properly outsource them to the right people.


No need to lift a finger. We’ll find the best talent to match your business. Hiring the best support staff and accounting professional will be left to us.


You and our team at Ledger Workx can provide the initial training of your Outsourced Accountant or Virtual Staff. Each business is different and we need to work together.


By outsourcing your most time-consuming tasks, your team can focus on work that will help grow the business and increase revenue.

Save Costs!

Outsourcing saves you a lot of money. You can pay an outsourced accountant up to ⅓ of the rate of a local employee and increase productivity of your team.

Our Founders

Justin, Company Director


Company Director

Justin in an Australian-born, Philippines-based entrepreneur with experience running and co-founding several start-up businesses based in the Philippines.

Providing services in:
1. Outsourced Accounting
2. Digital Marketing, SEO, and Copywriting
3. Website Development
4. Post-Production Editing (Weddings & Real Estate)
5. Virtual Assistant Services




Philip has over 30 years experience working in financial & accounting services. He has worked in UK, US, Australia and Europe to help businesses and accounting firms save time and grow their capacity by providing the people, strategy, and resources to grow an offshore team with the ideal outsourced accounting partner.

Philip has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Queensland, a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting from James Cook University and is a Graduate of The Australian Institute of Company Directors.

David, Marketing Director


Company Director

David is a businessman with over 30 years of experience across industries as diverse as art, food and mining. His experience ranges from picking fruit through to president and CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation. He understands both people and business, as well as people in business. The founder and co-founder of a number of startups, he has the ability to help you with your business.

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