We’ll help you identify which parts of your business are the most time-consuming and suggest how to properly outsource them to the right people.


We hire the best talent, tailored to meet your business requirements. Hiring the best accounting professionals and support staff is one of our strengths.


The team at Ledger Works will first seek to understand your precise needs. Each business is different, and your outsourced accountants will need to learn your processes and procedures. We work closely with you to ensure rapid alignment with how you need things to be done.

Get Bigger

By outsourcing your more time-consuming tasks, your team can focus on work that will help grow the business and increase revenue.

Save More

Outsourcing will save you a lot of money. The cost of one of our accountants will be less than 1/3 of what you are paying your staff now.

The Accounting Industry is Changing.

Are You Keeping Up?

Business owners and entrepreneurs are facing new issues with the advancement of technology

The competition:



  • Accounting is time consuming. Instead of spending valuable time growing the business, too many hours are allocated to bookkeeping, auditing, data entry and other tasks that could be used to grow the business instead.

The Solution?

Outsourcing Accountants save time and cost a fraction of paying a regular employee or a consultant.

Thousands of companies all around the world have embraced global outsourcing.


  • You get more for less. An outsourced accountant can prepare your financial reports, balance sheets, vendor management, manage emails, and more without paying the rate of a local. Plus, we provide the equipment and training so that’s more savings on your part.


  • Local employees you hire can work on engaging and stimulating clients and increasing profits


We hire the top professionals in the industry – whether that be bookkeeping or full weight CPA’s and CA’s.


Whatever type of business you run, we will provide you with a professional that can do tasks that are tailored for your business.


Our professionals are university graduates, and licensed professionals to ensure the quality delivered to you is exceptional.


No need to worry about providing your employees with the latest equipment needed to do their work. We handle that for you. The comfort of our employees is important to getting you the best productivity.


You get the same services as a local accountant, but up to of the cost!


No need to spend days screening for valid candidates – that is part of the service we provide. Let us know your needs, and we will put a team together to deliver what you require, but at a fraction of what you are paying now.

Why choose us?

Unlike other offshoring companies, we do not require upfront payments or a minimum 6 months deposit before hiring a person for you. Just pay a 1 month deposit to cover the outsourced staff’s salary and that’s it! You can cancel at any time!
  • No fixed contract!
  • No sign-up costs!
  • No hidden fees!
  • Quality talent at affordable rates

Outsource, Save Money and Your Business During Covid-19.

As small & medium businesses (SMEs) struggle with applying for government loans to save their business and incur debt, paying for talented employees can be a problem when hit financial problems. We’ll help you find the ideal, skilled employee from CPAs, bookkeepers, accountants and more, at a fraction of local pricing. Save up to 80% in labor costs!

Are you ready to save costs and outsource your accounting?

Fill-out our form and let us know what kind of outsourced accountant or virtual assistant you need.