Accounting Services

Paying your vendors on time is important, and here is what we can do to help you.

  • Create an electronic filing cabinet instead of old fashioned hard copy system – if you need to check your bills, just log in to the system — anytime, anywhere
  • Remove the need to print paperwork and establish a bill approval process and assign authorized individuals in your company who can approve bills online and other tasks.
  • Identify which purchases need to be capitalized and track the associated depreciation

We upgrade the way you prepare invoices for customers by creating systems to help you.

  1. Follow up on past-due invoices and help stabilize cash flow
  2. Send invoices and statements via regular or electronic mail
  3. Keep account balances up to date by recording all incoming payments
  4. Set up a system that will allow you to download and sync transactions with your company’s books from e-commerce sites
  5. Track sales tax and prepare your sales tax filings (monthly, quarterly and/or annually)
  6. Invoice customers from your location, or, allow us to gather the necessary data and process invoices for you
  1. Setting Up Chart of Accounts
  2. Recording receipts from customers
  3. Verifying and recording invoices from suppliers
  4. Processing employees’ pay and the related governmental reports (Philippines based only)
    Note – for western countries, let us know your government requirements to extend this service.
  5. Recording depreciation and other adjusting entries
  6. Entering Bank Details
  7. Allocating the account entries
  8. Value-added bookkeeping -> depends on the type of documents provided to us
  9. Month-end or year-end closing

We can schedule meetings at your convenience (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc.) to audit and review your financial statements. From there you will receive a report from one of our accountants. However, we can also customize to include information you require.

  • Statement of Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Accounts Payable Aging
  • Accounts Receivable Aging

*Specialized Reports* – if requested

Have a certified bookkeeper manage your bank accounts. This will keep you up to date on the state of finances in your company
If you’ve experienced looking at a report and felt that your balances are wrong, chances are that your bank accounts were not reconciled properly.
Our core services include Bank Reconciliations. We give our clients a clear picture of their cash balance which leads to better decision making. This can help you know if you have the funds to buy new equipment, hire more staff, or subscribe to more vendors.

  1. Daily, weekly, or monthly data entry from your bank accounts to your accounting software.
  2. Reconciliation of all cleared transactions, open deposits, and open checks.
  3. Matching bank reconciliation balances to your trial balance for financial statement review.
  4. Cash reporting as needed.
  5. Reconcile your bank statements with internal financial records
  6. Regulate your General Ledger to reflect buyer and vendor invoices.
  7. Year-end settlements

Why choose us?

Unlike other offshoring companies, we do not require upfront payments or a minimum 6 months deposit before hiring a person for you. Just pay a 1 month deposit to cover the outsourced staff’s salary and that’s it!
You can cancel at any time!

  • No fixed contract!
  • No sign-up costs!
  • No hidden fees!
  • Quality talent at affordable rates

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